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Interview with Mr. Alberto Saavedra, the Managing Partner of the Mexican law firm "Santamarina y Steta"

- UPCOMING REPORT ON MEXICO: “Invest in Mexico, The Opportunities of Latin America’s Giant”

Global Business (GB): What are the company’s origins?

Mr. Alberto Saavedra (AS): The firm was founded in 1947 by Baker Botts in Houston, which opened an office here in Mexico. We followed constitutionals laws and by the seventies were a wholly-owned Mexican firm. We established a lot of rules, among them that none of our partner’s relatives can enter the firm. I was hired by Agustín Santamarina, a great lawyer with an even greater commitment to Mexico and our clients. People become partners after 32 years, our society is an open one and we pride ourselves on having young partners as part of our office. Mexico is a great and sophisticated country, with great laws and well curated congress. When a foreign investor looks to invest here, he will need a well prepared lawyer to guide him and that’s what we offer: highly prepared lawyers with values, vision and commitment to their needs at all times.

GB: What are the challenges you face?

AS: We strive to maintain great talents in our firms, with the right values and vision to keep helping our clients by guiding them through national legislation.

GB: What are your competitive advantages?

AS: We possess a great platform built on the core foundations of ethics, values, integrity, commitment and efficiency and we think proactively.

GB: What is your view on Mexico’s Moment?

AS: Mexico is a country with many laws and institutions. The American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico is a good source of clients. We do a lot of networking with US companies and that helps investors. We are of great help and meet their many needs.

GB: What opportunities have Mexico’s recent reforms created?

AS: The reforms made have had a major impact in many sectors; the most important of which is the energy industry which will be modernized and bring great benefits to the Mexican economy. Industries will become more competitive like those in North America; that is the platform we are incorporating and that will lead to great industrialization: Mexico has a great production base, competitive costs and a talented workforce, as well as favorable trade agreements with many important countries. The reforms will also see great changes in the education, health and tourism sectors. The challenge is to find a way to involve the public and private sectors. The reforms have attracted many investors and we have more than one million Americans living here. There are now more investment opportunities in Mexico than ever before. Right now, our firm has offices in Monterrey, Tijuana and Querétaro: our goal is to recruit more talented people to help our clients with their needs. Because of our great rule of law, investors can relax and invest safely knowing their business is protected by a robust legal framework.

GB: What is your final message to our readers?

Come and visit Mexico, get to know our country and be certain that with our rule of law, we protect and respect human rights and have great lawyers